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Comprehensive Instructor Training


It is recommended, but not required, that the participant enters with an underpinning in basic anatomy gained through previous certifications in fitness and movement, or through an online or live anatomy course.

Additionally, we recommend that the instructor take a minimum of 10 classical lessons or classes.​


  • Learn to perform and teach the introductory & beginning exercises for mat, reformer,

  • Cadillac/Tower, high & low chairs, small barrel, spine corrector, ladder barrel, wall, and power circle.

  • Learn how to teach a safe and effective mat and reformer class.

  • Discover how to apply the 5 Part Formula for Success to ensure effective teaching.

  • Ingrain teaching skills including tactile and verbal cueing, developing an ‘eye’, and understanding progression.

  • Review general anatomy and kinesiology terms, expand understanding of posture and the Powerhouse.

  • Explore the mechanism and effect of breathing on movement.

  • Develop strategies for working with students who suffer from chronic lower back pain of an unspecific nature.

  • Gain an understanding of how to use props in progression and for variation.

  • Benefit from personalized coaching on live courses aimed at accelerating practical skills.


You may register for one module at a time. We highly recommend registering for each module a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the live module scheduled date. There are required online homework before each live module. 


Course Overview: Knowledge of basic human anatomy and kinesiology, 20 hours of Pilates training and current CPR/AED and First Aid certifications recommended.

Module 1: The Foundation (20 hours) introduces students to the Pilates principles, fundamentals and the “Powerhouse”, and the Peak Pilates® 5-Part Formula. Lessons focus on introductory mat work and building blocks.

Module 2: Introduction to the Apparatus (20 hours) Students progress to lessons on the reformer, small barrel and high ladder barrel, and learn about transitions, cueing and touch techniques.

Module 3: Beginner/Intermediate Level Apparatus (20 hours) Module 3 adds Pilates low chair exercises, intermediate level reformer and ladder barrel exercises. More advanced teaching concepts include identifying common errors and proper body alignment, and structuring a Pilates session.

Module 4: Teaching, Technique and Assessments (20 hours) Students complete the remaining high ladder barrel exercises, practice teach, and review all exercises. Assessments are completed on the final day. A Peak Pilates® Level I Certification is awarded to instructors who pass all Level I assessments and complete 120 logged hours.

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