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Debi Vincent, owner of Active Pilates, threw me a lifeline. Approximately one year ago, I was glued to my couch. COVID had shut down any form of group exercise that I once enjoyed. That period of inactivity resulted in severe back pain, poor posture, and mild depression. Upon learning about how Pilates could rebuild my core strength, I researched online to find the right Pilates class. I was fortunate enough to contact Debi Vincent - a Master Pilates Instructor. She actually trains and certifies others to become instructors.

Debi has worked patiently and continuously with me to create a strong core and sense of well-being.
She is always encouraging and introduces new ways to teach me how to engage my muscles. Under her tutelage, my posture has improved, back pain has disappeared, energy level improved, and self confidence re-emerged because I am able to connect the body, mind, and breath.

Debi is always encouraging and fun. I still take private sessions with her; she also encouraged me to join a weekly group class. I found it’s a joy to be around like minded people.

Our bodies are a gift that must be nurtured. Debi Vincent will take any client from where they are and transform them both physically and mentally. Debi is an exceptional instructor and remarkable person. I am so fortunate she is my life. She threw me the lifeline and I have been wise enough to hang on. I will always be grateful for her motivational gifts.

Dolly W

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